March Twee8 on Wed 20th

For the March Twee8 we’ll be revisiting The Fox on Kingsland Road (yes, again, but it’s been a year and things have changed for the better!). Come next Wednesday, 20th March from 7pm onward… Wednesday, 20th March from 7pm onwardThe Fox – Craft Beer House372 Kingsland Road (at Middleton Road)London, E8 4DA They’ve got a fine fine selection of delicious ales on tap and exotic beers in can and bottle. Great central E8 location and convenient for those commuting/en route from central on foot bike bus or overground. In other words no excuses for missing Twee8 this coming Wed… You fine folks are expected as I’ve not seen many of you for ages… @ewebber @quitepeculiar @janice @kuxi @nickdonnelly @staystylish @mattyc @sarra45 @darthbrush @outsharked @monkchips @quitepeculiar0 @quitepeculiar1 @quitepeculiar2 @quitepeculiar3 @quitepeculiar4 @quitepeculiar5 @quitepeculiar6 @quitepeculiar7 @quitepeculiar8 @quitepeculiar9 @janice0 @janice1 @janice2 @janice3 Anyone else? So let’s shake off this winter off with a good ol’ farewell and welcome in the spring with fine drink and kind folk. Bring a friend or come on your own and make a few more we’ll be sure you’re in good hands. That goes for whether you’re from within or beyond Hackney too. I’m on Twitter @janice4 ping me if anyone has questions or needs help finding us in the pub!”


  1. Yaaay!! :::muppet arms::: I’ll be there, and Tom, my better half, might come down a bit later (he’s @darthbrush).”

  2. I’ll be popping along after work – love the Fox Odell FTW , shame the photobooth is no longer there 🙁

  3. will be in late’ish, don’t drink all of the beer

  4. Fantastique. I’ll be sure to save you a few @Kuxi.Hopefully we get a few more newbies again… See you all soon!

  5. @kuxi I make no promises! :::goes and drinks all teh beer::: :::hic:::

  6. hey guys. i’m still in toronto –  stephenhignell that’s trannah – and missing hackney lots and lots. hope to be there for the MAY twee8 when @staystylish will exchange places with me! lol. @Stephenhignell are you still coming here in april? need some hackney stylin’ around here! endless winter”

  7. As i mentioned previously, I can’t make it tonight as I have a mandatory work awards dinner to attend, currently frantically writing thank you speech…

  8. Good luck @staystylish! Hope it’s a lovely night. I’ll see the rest of you folks at the pub!

  9. See you soon… @Janice, have fun in Tiranna… @staystylish, I’ll say a speech for you. @quitepeculiar, I’ll see you even sooner…

  10. See you soon kids

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