March on The Fox (Under new management) – New ale spot on Kingsland Rd

The Fox Pub on Kingsland Rd has had another makeover and in this re-incarnation not only has it had a lick of paint but a fine selection of Ales on their menu. I can highly recommend the bottled brews from the award winning South London The Kernel Brewery h/t @ollie from 7pm – 372 Kingsland Road, Kingsland, E8 4DA


  1. That’ll be Weds 21st March! I’ll be away on bizzness, have a great one. I’ll have to try the Fox out some other time.

  2. Sounds ace, I’m free so will roll along for 7ish

  3. A change of plan means I am now going to be around – so I should be along on Weds

  4. This is at the end of my road (the other side), actually never been there. Will be there!!!

  5. I’m hoping to be there too. The Kernel FTW.

  6. … and you lot, obviously. But mostly The Kernel.

  7. @hackneye <3 you too Donald 😛

  8. If I don’t come along to this, I might have my Hackney resident licence revoked, so see you there. That used to be a really dodgy pub so will be intrigued to see what they’ve done with it. Gentrification ftw.

  9. I’ve got to go and pick up my camera from the pub I left it at last week, so I’ll be running late. Can a responsible person make sure I leave with my camera?

  10. Hopefully I ought to be able to make it down this evening. Should be there at 7.15 or so – if I’m looking lost and like I don’t remember anyone from two months ago, please give me a wave!

  11. I’m on my way, probably there about 9:15 too

  12. Last night’s roll call: @monkchips @martin @quitepeculiar @ahackinhackney @staystylish @philsheard @kuxi @ollie @patricksmithjournalist @hackneye and myself – let me know if I’ve missed someone. Great beers, great pub, good times 🙂

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