Marc Bolan – Glam Rock Superstar

Whilst in Stoke Newington Common recently I came upon a plaque denoting where Marc Bolan lived. From my early memories I recall Bolan in T. Rex at the height of his fame in the early 70’s a real chart-topping superstar; achieving several no.1 hits with songs such as ‘Hot Love’ and ‘Telegram Sam’. His long corkscrew hair makeup and colourful clothes made him hugely popular on the music scene; he appealed to both boys as well as girls. He remained contemporary when the glam scene died out with his TV programme ‘marc’ in which he showcased new emerging bands. Sadly in 1977 his life was cut short when he was involved in a car accident. Born in Hackney 1947 died 1977 age just 29 years.
Marc Bolan Plaque by Traxcitement