Making friends

FuckYeah Hackney is all about making connections in your local area. This quick guide will show you how to make make friends with others on the site.

An Overview of the Members Page

  1. To see who is on FuckYeah Hackney go to the members tab
  2. From here you can choose to see all members or just your friends
  3. You can also search members or filter by: newly registered, Last active or alphabetically
  4. You can easily add friends or Cancel friendship from this screen without

Accepting Friend Requests

When you add a friend or someone adds you, you will get an email from the site, something that looks a bit like this:

You will also see a notification on the admin bar when you log in:

Clicking on the link will take you to the Requests page, where you can “Accept” or “Reject” the request.

Sending Private Messages to Friends

You can send anyone a public message, but you can also send your friends a private message, which will appear in their email inbox. They will also see a notification in the admin bar, much like the one for friend requests.

1) You can send messages either from the admin bar or from your profile page

2) Choose: Inbox, Sent messages or Compose

3) You can also send private messages directly from your friends’ profile pages.

You must make friends with someone before you can send them a private message.

Viewing your friends profile page

You can also do lots of things directly from your friends profile page

  1. Another way of adding/removing a friend
  2. Mentioning a user
  3. Send a private message