I noticed a new pub on Mare St this morning, named Maddigan’s.
I tried to find out a bit more and it looks like it might be where Anatolia Bar was, former Maddigans!
So I guess it’s the new old Maddigan’s?!


  1. I saw them painting it over the weekend, so I guess that’s why.
    That place has been a number of different names over the years

  2. Maddigan’s is OPEN NOW under new management!!!It has got great potential and planning for the future aiming to provide best service for the public.Pool tables, gaming machines, jukbox and more entertainment…Sky Sports HD Live on many screens including Giant Screen..Beer Garden, Premium Beers and Spirits on affordable prices…And most important thing…. music…Funky, indie, rock, oldies…Open from 10am to 12am 7 days a week.Probably the best place in the area to have a leisure time spent..

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