Launch of the Lower Clapton Road Traders and Residents Association (LoClapTRA) 15th May

The Lower Clapton Road Traders and Residents Association (LoClapTRA) launches on Wednesday 15th May at 6:30pm at   Hunt & Darton Cafe 118 Lower Clapton Road. Further details:“If you live in the general area of Lower Clapton Road or just feel that it’s important we have a thriving local shopping street please do come along. We will also be discussing how to help local businesses and business start-ups and arrangements for this year’s Clapton Festival which will be in September. Contact  07890 654 068for further info.


  1. @ewebber Is this a CPNAG initiative or just Ian Rathbone’s? (That is his phone no. isn’t it?).I know that I’ve previously stated that I think this would be a good idea, but more recently I’ve been having some reservations. I guess it depends on what it tries to do. If it attempts to try and influence who opens shop on LCR then I think that’s a bad idea, but if it’s primary function is to more effectively lobby the council on other issues or organise events that promote the road then that could be a positive thing.My fear is that, like so many similar groups, it will not be representative. Also, the interests of residents and traders are not always the same thing. In fact they are sometimes diametrically opposite.I do hope this doesn’t descend into yet another anti-chain campaigning group. And if I were to pick a location for a founding meeting of a local community group – hopefully with the aim of attracting the widest and most inclusive cross-section of the community – then I think Hunt & Darton might be my last choice.

  2. I’m afraid I don’t know who is driving this. The organisers of the previous two Clapton festivals can no longer commit the huge amount of time organising the event, so it’s likely in part a way to continue the good work done there. I would to suggest to anyone that wants to influence the direction of the group to get involved.

  3. @ewebber where did you source the quote from?

  4. @benjamin it was forward to me from @IanRathbone but he has not indicated who is behind it, I’d assume it to be some traders and residents of Lower Clapton Road. My hunch is he may be helping with the launch, but that doesn’t mean he is running it. Best thing you can do is get in touch with the listed number to find out more and get involved.

  5. Next meeting details: Next meeting of the Lower Clapton Road Traders and Residents Association will be held on Monday 1st July at 7pm at Pages of Hackney, 70 Lower Clapton Road They will be making up and distributing posters beforehand.

  6. From Lower Clapton Road Traders and Residents Association: Dear all,A reminder that the next meeting of the Lower Clapton Road Traders and Residents Association is being held at 119 Lower Clapton Road tomorrow, Tuesday 30th July at 6.30pm.We have a council officer attending to deal with questions about parking, waste charges etc. as well as a presentation from somebody with regards to the Clean Up Clapton Day Campaign. In addition, I hope we’ll get an update on the Clapton Festival.Please do let as many people as you can know about the meeting.Kind regards,Eleanor

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