‘Love Hackney, Shop Local’ Bags are back

Shop local bags Hackney Council have brought back the “Love Hackney Shop Local” tot bagsThe initiative will reward shoppers who spend £10 with participating markets and traders with a free tote bag created by Hackney-based fashion designers Atalanta Weller or Simone Rocha to encourage people to shop local. Fashion designer Simone Rocha said: “I live and work in Hackney with my studio  being located behind Ridley Road Market. I walk the market most days and its  there I got the inspiration for the image on the Hackney shopping bag. I am very  happy to be part of the borough’s community and support the ‘Love Hackney  Shop Local’ campaign. https://vimeo.com/48327823 More info at:  http://www.hackney.gov.uk/shop-local.htm You can get your bag at:Broadway Market – 13 OctoberChatsworth Road – 14 OctoberRidley Road -19 OctoberHoxton – 20 October”

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  1. There are two different issues conflated in this initiative;1) Shopping locally (whatever \local” means – some interpret it as meaning shopping in local independent shops which of course it doesn’t necessarily mean). But is it the job of local government to ask us to shop in certain areas? Also by extention does the council deter people from outside the borough from shopping in Hackney on the grounds that they too should be shopping locally?2) Deterring the use of plastic bags – which is a legitimate environmental concern for local government – but has nothing to do with the shopping locally.”

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