Looking for Talented Young Foodie or Chef

Hey Hackney People, Im starting a new food concept and looking for a partner to get involved with some culinary knowledge, I’ve got the plan, branding and business side all sorted I’m looking for someone to help refine the food offering and culinary side of the business. I’ve you interested, dynamic, motivated and have the will to succeed then let me know. Thanks, Mathew


  1. Hi Matthew, I saw this posted on twitter and was very intrigued. I am an artisan baker by trade and a massive foodie in my spare time.  I’ve worked in cafes and restaurants in the past and have even turned my hand to brewing and cheese making. Currently living down by London Fields and would love to get involved with something local. I’d love to hear more about your venture and ideas. Alex

  2. Hi @thecheesetruck just checking you saw the message above.

  3. Hey Alex,That’s great, can you drop me an email:mathewjamescarver@gmail.comThanks!

  4. @Baker-Boy-Alex just checking you’ve seen @thecheesetruck ‘s response.Also are reminder that these forums are public, so it’s a good idea to use the private messaging function on the site, rather than posting your email addresses.

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