Looking for room in house of creative nice and interesting people

My name’s Alt, and I just moved to London this week from Toronto, Canada. I’m an electronic pop musician, I perform as Digits. I’m looking for a place to live in Hackney, hopefully with a bunch of people so that it’s cheaper. And with people who are artists or creative! I’m a nice person and I’m very easygoing and pleasant to live with. That’s all I got!Anybody have anything or heard of anything?Thanks!


  1. Hi Well maybe , I’m looking at a 4 or 5 bed house tomorrow morning . Victorian house in Clapton with garden so should be nice . We have 3 definite people and 2 maybes , but if your still looking let me know and i might contact you tomorrow…. rent is 120 per week each Thanks Hannah

  2. Sounds great! Yes, I’m definitely interested in having a look! My e-mail address is alt(DOT)altman(AT)gmail(DOT)com if you’d like to send me the address, or any further details about the other roommates (you’re a lighting designer – cool!). Thanks!!! Alt

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