Looking for business’s to join media collaboration

HiI am starting a swimwear label launching in 2014 and I’m creating a project to generate press for my business.  I’d like to collaborate with a minimum of five other local business’s, the outcome that we all work together on pitch ideas, contacts, strategy, PR ideas, sharing resources, have workshops etc and that each business generates five pieces of press over the next three months. I have another fashion start-up on the ‘team’ so far and therefore after another four business’s to be involved.  If you’d like to join in or know other local creative start-ups (or not even start-ups! Anyone that wants to generate press) please get in touch. Thanks,Bernadette.


  1. Hi Bernadette,Im starting up a new business in the area and could potentially be interested – could you let me know some more info please?Thanks!Bettina

  2. @bernoire just making sure you have seen @maid-up ‘s response

  3. Thanks @ewebber for the notify! @maid-up Bettina can you please send me an email to bernadette@million-dollar-mermaid.com and I’ll respond with some details. Thanks!

  4. business’s or businesses?

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