Looking for a room in Hackney

Hey, my name is david,  am looking for a room in house somewhere in hackney, stoke newington end would be best, but not that fussy. I need to move by the end of the month so its all a bit urgent!… help…I am pretty easy to live with, i don’t bring home stray dogs or anything like that and I am house trained too…I would to like to live with some nice friendly people who like good company but also appreciate a bit of space to be on your own too…so if you are also in the same boat get in touch perhaps we could find somewhere together or if you think you can help please let me know, i would really appreciate any help, thanks…David x oh,i forgot to say,  the flat am leaving will be empty, its a great place am sad to be leaving, i just can’t afford the rent at the moment but there is a chance that someone could easily take it over..the rent is 900 a mont, 1 bed flat, really quiet area… near cannonbury overground and pub!


  1. Hi David I’m looking for one bedroom flat at the moment and your place sounds good. If you are still looking for someone let me know. I’ll be really interested in it… Daniela

  2. Hi Daniela, thanks for getting back. I have proposal for you…how would you feel about sharing? I dont know your personal circumstance and you might just want to your own space but if you would consider sharing the space we could work something out that would suit us both…I am suggesting this  because practically its a pain to move right now, I like it in the area and its a good deal….We could give it a three month trail like and see…what do you think?…If you are interested drop me a line and i’ll send you my phone number and we could and have a chat….you obviously would want to see the place anyway…If your not really keen thats fine too…take care, thanks, David

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