Looking for a room in Hackney

Hackney, I need your help. As of March 19th, I need to be out of my Whitechapel pad and want very much to return to the Hackney’s warm embrace. I’m on the lookout for a double room (approx £110pw) in a friendly and creative flat/house share. I’m clean, amiable, independent and come with a large library. Yep, said library is open for lending. In the world of employment, I’m a bookseller and blogger and have a couple of embryonic writing projects on the go. If you have a room spare, or know anybody who does, give me a shout. Any further advice on finding a space in Hackney would also be welcome. Thanks


  1. That should, of course, read ‘Hackney’s warm embrace’. Ignore the pesky ‘the’.

  2. Hello Gary,Are you still looking for a room?We have a spare one temporarily at our nice flat in Dalston.Please see link below if you’re interested:http://www.moveflat.co.uk/c/389453.htm

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