Looking for a room £450 ppm or under mid-August

Hi there.

I’m looking for a room in Hackney to let for at least three months or longer for £450 or under, as my current budget is a bit constricted. I’ve seen a lot of rooms at £500 ppm or more, and I think I would be able to afford that later on, but considering that all my money is in dollars at the moment, I’d rather not risk taking a room that I may not be able to afford.

I’m an American who recently acquired a 2-year post-study work visa to live and work in the UK. I’ve already got a small job set up at a grocer’s on Essex Road that won’t pay amazingly, however I will be looking at other options to either advance higher in that company or searching for work elsewhere.

I’m a nonsmoker and vegetarian, and would prefer to live with flat or housemates who don’t smoke indoors. I haven’t any allergies to pets, and I love cats, so living in a household with cats, bunnies, guinea pigs and smaller animals is perfectly fine. I enjoy baking–I currently work as a baker at a café in Florida–and would like to live somewhere with a functional kitchen, especially with people who also enjoy food. I’ll be turning 30 in late August, so I’d like to live with people who are in their late twenties through early forties.

The sort of room I’m looking for will be semi-furnished with at least a bed and wardrobe, in a flat or house shared with one person or two people, but I’d be willing to consider houses shared with three people. Likewise, I’m looking for rooms located in or near certain areas of Hackney, but would be willing to consider other areas. Preferably seeking a room in/near Dalston, Stoke Newington, Stamford Hill, Haggerston, Hackney Downs, Clapton Pond, Hackney Wick, London Fields, Newington Green or Hackney Central.

I’ll be flying back to London on the 10th and would like to begin looking at places from the 15th on.

Thanks for reading this, and give a shout if you know of anyone who’s got a room going.


  1. Hey there @quitepeculiar ,

    My housemate is moving out in early Sept or possibly earlier if discussed with him.

    I own a 2 bed flat on the 2nd and 3rd floor in Clarence Road, E5. (The road is in between Clapton Pond and Hackney Downs if you’re not familiar with its delights.)

    The flat has an attractive front room full of mid-century furniture, brand new double-glazed sash windows and a newly-refurbished bathroom. The kitchen is certainly functional, but needs a bit of updating which I’ll get round to at some point!

    As for the spare room, it’s the larger one of the two and is semi-furnished. The rent is £530 inclusive of all bills.

    As for me, I’m a 35 year old male and work as a cabinet maker in the area. If you need any other info, just get in touch.


  2. Hi there, Karl.

    Funny enough, I know Clarence Road very well. Thanks for getting in touch! I may be able to stay with friends for the remainder of August, which might give me enough time to save up a bit extra for that room.

    I’ll see where I’m at mid-August once I’m back in London and let you know. As someone who has a couple mid-century pieces here in Florida (that I can’t take with me, *sob*), I appreciate an environment with furniture that isn’t all from IKEA (although I do admit I have a bookcase from there).

    Thanks so much! Oh, I should probably go and update the main post with my age.

  3. Great. Well, get in touch when you’re back in London to come and see the room. I won’t advertise the room until you’ve seen it, but do let me know if your situation changes.

    Perhaps send me a private message if you’re after more details.


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