Looking for a DoP/cinematographer

Hello forum,I’m looking for a Hackney-based Director of Photography/cinematographer to discuss short film projects with, and the possibility of an on-going (modestly paid) working relationship.Knowledge of lenses, lights and depth of field is obviously fairly important, but more than that I want to work with someone that just loves the visual and capturing/creating it. A love of art and architecture as well as photography and film is crucial. Filming experience is unimportant – ability, ambition, enthusiasm, feel, understanding of storytelling, a collaborative nature and a shared outlook is crucial. I’d like to work with someone interested in new ideas (but not just for their own sake) and creating something we can be proud of for entry to competitions etc.About me: I’ve completed a couple of film-making/directing courses, been involved with a couple of (unsatisfactory) shoots, and am now confident that I can manage a more serious project. I have a couple of self-penned short film ideas in the background but am also looking for new projects from other writers.If any of this is of interest to you, please get in touch with a bit of information about yourself and how you want to work; any past projects you want to cite, and a list of influences, favourites and aspirations. E-mail simon.king376@tiscali.co.uk