Looking for a dogwalker and/or dogsitter

Looking for a dogwalker/sitter for our little lurcher. He’s very cute, good with people, very gentle and quiet. But he’s not very friendly to other dogs so we need someone who is reasonably experienced and prepared to ‘actively’ walk him, ie not just be texting while the dog’s off doing whatever! He also needs to be walked alone ie not with other dogs, but we’re happy for the price to reflect this. We’re also interested in finding someone to come and stay in our house and look after him when we’re away. But if you can’t do this and can just do walks please still get in touch. If you know someone you can recommend, or you think you might be this person please get in touch. Cheers Kirsten


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  2. Our catsitter, lee, might be able to help. she’s wonderful with our cat and I know she looks after dogs too, very reasonable rates in viccy park area. I’ll pm you her number, just posting here I’m case anyone else is looking as I can’t recommend her enough…

    • Is your catsitter still walking dogs?

  3. Hi,  I have lots of dog experience with my own dogs (sadly now deceased) & have just finished fostering a bouncy collie x.  Live in Clapton, can travel, work from home, happy to house sit & can provide doggy & kitty-sitting references.

  4. Thanks for moving – I was being lazy posting there rather than looking for the right place. Sorry!Lorna and Hopsyturvy – I’ve friend requested you both so we can DM. Thanks for your prompt replies! CheersKirsten

  5. DM? PM? You know what I mean!

  6. Simon Bulpin is a fantastic local dog walker.  He’s done it for years, walked my rescue dog for years and he’s like a dog whisperer.  My dog was a bit scared of some men but she flopped over backwards as soon as he put his hand out!  He’s got 3 Italian greyhounds and he’s sorted out many ‘problem’ dogs.  His number is: 07961 339041

  7. Thank you everyone for all your suggestions – you’re great!

  8. Hi Kirsten,

    you’ve already gotten lots of responses but I’ll just add mine nonetheless in case you’re still looking for help! 🙂
    I’ve been doing lots of dog-sitting so I can definitely help out and stay in your house to look after your dog for the time that you’re away. Lots of references to provide as well if you’re interested 🙂

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