Looking for a 1 Bedroom Flat in Hackney/Dalston/

Hi !My boyfriend and I have to move mid March due to the sale of our flat. We are looking for a 1 bedroom flat, our budget is £1000pcm. If you have any info, tips, good estate agents contact (yeah it must be rare, I know), we’ll appreciate for the low down. We don’t want to leave Hackney so help us staying ;o) !!! Cheers André


  1. Hi there, I am in the same situation, looking for a 1 bed in Hackney/Dalston/Shoreditch/Stoke Newington, up to £1,400pcm. Any tips appreciated 🙂

  2. When we moved to Hackney a year and a half ago I had a bit of free time and walked around to all the agents I could find in the area I wanted to live in (about 18). Most had nothing on the market, but I got lucky with one and got an amazing apartment that had just come on the market. If we’d only use the Internet (like most people) we’d never had got the place we are living in.

  3. Hi Patrick !Thanks for the tip, let’s use the \old Internet” most know as the real world ^^Cheers”

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