London’s Brewing Beer Festival from the London Brewer’s Alliance

In case you haven’t heard, the London Brewers Alliance is hosting a beer festival on the 4th & 5th of May (the 3rd is Trade Day) called London’s Brewing. It’s taking place at London Fields Brewery and ticket prices vary on whether you want just straight-up festival entry (£5 plus booking fee) or a package deal of beer tastings and food (up to £20 plus booking fee). In addition to London Fields Brewery where the event is being hosted there are other Hackney brewers involved such as Pressure Drop and The Five Points Brewing Company along with Hackney Wicksters Crate and Beavertown (formerly of Hackney’s De Beauvoir). Not sure of other Hackney breweries are also involved–I know it takes a while to get one’s logo up on the site–so one could also speculate that Hackney Brewery and Howling Hops may be involved. Several notable non-Hackney breweries are also taking part including Kernel Brewery By the Horns Redemption Redchurch and The Cronx. It’s sure to be fun for anyone already versed in London’s booming beer scene or for anyone who is new to the whole hop revolution taking place in the city.”


  1. Should be a really good event, though apparently @ewebber plans to drink all the beer, so there won”t be much for the rest of us…

  2. Ah yes, also, if anyone is going on Sunday, you can use the any of the following codes for £5 off a tasting session ticket–9 x 1/3rd pints, free festival glass and entry: 5pointspressur13CAMRA15moncada13lonfild13 Booyah.

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