London word festival

Lots going on in the Hackney area during The London word festival, check it out here: going?


  1. I’d like to yeah. I’d go to a lot of them but if I was going to pick some I’d say:Intergender Wrestling (Kevin Eldon!)Alan Moore’s Dodgem Logic (because it’s at the Round Chapel)Man/MachineThe Goodbye Library (just because I saw Miriam Elia at literary death match and she was pretty funny)

  2. Just spotted this (and yes, I know it’s in Tower Hamlets):

    Cybraphon is the Bafta Award-winning autonomous emotional robot indie band. Created by Edinburgh-based music and arts collective FOUND, Cybraphon is an interactive, mechanical band consisting of acoustic instruments, antique machinery and found objects played by over 60 robot beaters and motors – all housed in an antique wooden display case.For its installation during London Word Festival , Cybraphon will be playing a brand new, very special composition: a JG Ballard short story read by Aidan Moffat (Arab Strap), with musical accompaniment.

  3. Hi there, we’re going to Integender Wrestling and Dogem Logic (via Biddles beforehand), if you’re going to either come say hi

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