London Fields Table Tennis Association

Table Tennis at Pub on the Park and London Fields table.With a Launch party on 11th April. Facebook: Meetup group over here:

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  1. I am the founder of LFTTA and have a few projects that I am currently working on. I want to get TT Tables built in Hackney Downs & Victoria Park. I am currently trying to find out the best way to go about this by contacting the relevant authorities for feedback on my proposal, which has been positive, so far. I am also in discussions, with Hackney Homes & Sanctuary Housing, to introduce TT on the Hackney Estates, in the Community Halls, so that the residents of Hackney can enjoy the increased participation. I am also in the process of arranging an Hackney Borough, Summer Table Tennis League for all the Parks and Community Spaces that have Table Tennis Tables in them. I intend to become the official TT Coach for the Springfield Youth Club, in the near future. I need help in organisation, as these projects need a dedicated team to ensure the successful management and role-out of these various projects. I would be grateful for any help and assistance, with these projects. Liv “

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