London Fields Lido Lighting?

Hi All, I’ve just joined in the hope that someone can help me out with what might be a stupid question… As a user of the Lido, I know that there was a campaign to install lighting so the pool could be open after dark during the Winter (which I signed) but that was two years ago and I’ve not heard anything since about progress on this matter. I was going to write to the Council asking for some information about what happened, but before I do – does anyone here know? A search online yields no recent information, and there are no clues on the LFUG website. At the moment, this amazing facility is still rather limited use during the week to anyone who has a day job. It would be nice to think there are some plans ahead to make sure next Winter has extended opening hours. Any leads? I mean, the Lido is really, really a superb thing, isn’t it? Swimming in it today (I had a day off, so made it before closing time), was amazing, with the bracing cold air and warm water. Thanks in advance!


  1. @Acerifolia I don’t know any more myself, but looks like the person who started the petition is Josephine Bacon from the London Fields Lido User Group, who you can contact through the petition website

  2. @acerifolia it’s finally in consultationMeetings on 19th/20th Feb, details here:

  3. Seven months later… today’s mailout from Better (GLL) with some rare good news! Hurrah!

    We’re working in partnership with Hackney Council to make big improvements at London Fields Lido.

    There’s £150,000 being invested into improvement works, which will include the installation of new floodlights and underwater lighting. This will enable us to extend opening hours throughout the winter months and make your experience at the Lido even better.

    The refurbishment work will start on Monday 8th September and is scheduled to conclude by the end of November. You might notice a few disruptions for a while, but we promise it’ll be worth the wait. The planned works will not impact on the availability of the pool for customers but there may be minor amends to the programme and parts of the facility as works progress. Customers will be updated throughout on any potential impact during this period. While the works are taking place we aim to keep disruption to a minimum.”

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