London Fields Farmers Market – use it or lose it!

Just received this email from the Market people:

Dear friends of the London Fields Farmers’ Market,If you were at the market last Sunday you may have heard that the farmers market may close. We’re very sad about this, but have to face the reality that there simply aren’t enough customers to make it work. It’s a vicious circle; we started off with about 20 stalls, but gradually they’ve whittled down to about 8-10 people who have weathered the storm and stay because they like coming to London Fields, like their customers and the market.We’re therefore issuing a ‘use it or lose it’ statement to the local press, and asking you all, if you like your market please do come and support it and we’ll do what we can to keep it going.
This Sunday: Please welcome Bath Soft Cheese Co who are making their debut at the market. Bath Soft are an award winning organic cheese company hailing (obviously) from Bath. They make a range of delicious cheese including Bath Soft, Bath Blue and the Wyfe of Bath all made using milk from the farms herd of dairy cows.
Their Wyfe of Bath was named as the best British organic hard cheese (exc Cheddars) at the National Cheese Awards, held at the Bath and West Show last week.
Little Coppice Nursery will also be at market with their brilliant range of biodynamically raised plants,with best wishes,Louis, Lissy & Jane at marketArthur, Mark, Cheryl & Danielle in the officeLondon Fields Farmers’ Market – every Sunday 10am-2pm in London Fields Primary School E8

–As the email says, the number of stalls can be fairly small, but there’s always some good fruit and veg on offer, as well as a good butcher. (It’s also nowhere near as crowded as Broadway Market can be on a Saturday, which can be a good thing.)

So get shopping! 🙂


  1. Wonder if some ‘People’s Supermarket’ type action might be needed, here – draft in some customers to help manage it by donating an hour or two of our time just so it can keep up and running.

  2. It’s also odd timing as well. Especially people are partying late and miss the market entirely. I used to go there, but I have dance class in the morning by the time i come back it’s finished.

    It’s possible it’s the location, even the Saturday part of the market the school yard gets forgotten about.

  3. @theno – I think what they really need is customers!
    @staystylish – Netil Market seems to get a reasonable amount of footfall on Saturdays, so I’m not sure the location is the problem. Maybe it’s that the Saturday markets are more of a draw, so people come from further afield?
    (Either way, I’d pop down today, but I can’t, because I’m working!)

  4. @martin I would thought the Sunday market would attract traffic who are heading towards Columbia Flower market crowd. On route from London Fields to Flower market, all the cafes are heaving (especially the City Farm). Somehow, the Sunday market needs to bank on this traffic.

  5. We have a new market in St John’s Church, Hackney Central on Saturdays. See our website for full details. There’s food, entertainment (this week will be African drumming) and vintage.

  6. We could come up with all sorts of reasons for the lack of footfall! The hours are typical farmers’ market hours; they have farms to get back to, animals to feed, crops to look after.
    We’ve leafleted all over, from Columbia Rd to Mare St, and put signs up where we’re allowed to do so; Hackney council are fond of taking them down. There are 3 good managers, all locals who know the area, and want the maket to succeed.
    Hopefully we can drum up enough support to keep the market going. Yes it’s small, but small is beautiful and there’s fantastic produce on sale. Right now the cherries from Perry Court farm are amazing, so are the fresh herbs on Bury Lane’s stall, young carrots and beetroots from Eden farm organics, the Hoxton pesto from Johannes is yummy and so is the bread from Syd Aston and Flourish bakery…

  7. I – and I am sure a lot of locals want it to succeed. Sounds wonderful. If anyone wants to get in touch with me Jane 07956 934 768 I would be happy to promote it at my Saturday market in St John’s, Hackney Central. Because we are not on council property we have few restrictions. I also do a Sunday market near Chatsworth Road and would be happy to promote it there too. I could come and pick up some flyers and leaflets. Jane

  8. Just to let you know that as of the beginning of August the market will be taken over by Louis, one of the regular market managers, and Roz who runs a Certified farmers market in Barnet. Louis is a local, and Roz has long term contacts in Hackney. They are both enthusiastic about the market, and have lots of ideas to increase numbers. We wish them bon voyage and every success. As I’ve said, there are some fantastic farmers and stall holders there who deserve attention! I hope that everyone will continue to support them.

  9. Anyone who likes the Drove Orchards apple stall ought to drop them a line, letting them know how much you like their juice. Apparently they’re thinking about limitiing the stock they let the stall holder sell.

    The email address is

  10. I thought they had limited their stock in that the last four times I’ve been there, there has been no apple stall.

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