London Fields Community Council

I saw this on twitter today is from their website:As residents of the London Fields and Broadway Market area, we love where we live and we want to see it get better. We recognise, however, that there are some severe problems with the London Fields area:A general feeling of remoteness from the decisions being made.Development pressures, especially on the East side of London Fields, which people feel that they have little control over.London Fields becoming the “coolest” destination with all the problems that that brings with it.The disaffection of some young people and the lack of positive activities for them.A lack of service on some of the Estates.We think a Community Council would be the best way to address some of these issues and get the best for the area. If you agree then sign the petition and get your friends to as well.


  1. I think this is a really good idea. I don’t think that Hackney Council is ‘local’ enough to be meaningful to it’s population. It’s too big and abstract to understand how services are delivered and where your tax money goes, breeding apathy and resentment. It’s also based on an arbitrary political boundary when compared to how the individual neighbourhoods function in the area.Something like this could be based on an actual neighbourhood unit , making it much more meaningful and likely for people to partake in decision making and provision of services, as well as much easier to plan for. It would be great if other neighbourhoods considered it too.

  2. @euan how does this sit with the electoral wards ( ?

  3. This got a mention in the Economist this week. Did anyone go along to the meeting? I like the idea – though am a little wary of neighbourhood meetings after going to my estate’s residents’ meeting where there seemed to be a ‘what have the housing association ever done for us?’ mentality.”

  4. @Martin.Deutsch – ooh interesting.I didn’t go along – I am Clapton based and am active in local goings on round there, but I am interested in the progress.

  5. I was there. I did a presentation on neighbourhood planning. It was quite an eloquent crowd, but some a bit cynical. I think it’s a great idea, basically everyone chips in a bit to get things done. In theory you wouldn’t need it if the local authority were competent – but that’s another issue.

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