London Fields Brewery “Gang Rape””

London Fields Brewery “Gang Rape””

Well that’s a highly dubious tweet. Doubt I’ll buy anything from them again.


  1. another example of how twitter makes idiots of everybody.

  2. Twitter is a platform, it doesn’t have the ability to make idiots, just lets idiots broadcast things like other platforms from soap boxes to online networks. @jwd606 the tweet and conversation were of course deleted, I wonder what the response was.

  3. OK well let’s qualify it: twitter plus ‘refreshment’ = unfortunate faux pas.

  4. Hi, i’m the one who called them up on the original tweet, this is the response I got: (taken from the @mention email notification) Since then they have deleted the response the original tweet and seem to have blocked my account which is frankly baffling and I asume means they don’t want me as a customer. Shame.”

  5. @dsingleton, thanks for sharing. Once something is on twitter, you can’t really delete it, so there is no point pretenting it didn’t happen! I wonder if @londonfieldsbrewery or @ldnfldsbrewery have anything to add?

  6. The Dead Dolls Club would like to apologise for the language used in the tweet yesterday and the offense that was caused. It was an off the cuff response by our PR interns getting mobbed giving away free beer in London Fields yesterday. Our team responded immediately to @dsingleston and obviously tried to back track by removing the tweet from our feed. But as you say once it is out there on twitter you can’t really remove it.The London Fields Brewery was not behind the tweet and we would hate for people to not drink their beer by something that was stupidly said by our inexperienced interns.We and The London Fields Brewery value all cusomers and their views. We would like to invite @ewebber @dsingleton @GavinRedknap as our guests this weekend to come and meet us at the event we hold at The London Fields Brewery this Saturday and (hopefully) see that The Dead Dolls club are not idiots all the time.

  7. @thedeaddollsclub thanks for taking the time to clear things up, it can be easy to forget the power that a tweet can have when it’s so easy to tweet off the cuff and you only have 140 characters to convey a message.

  8. @thedeaddollsclub dont fret too much I actually said that we can all be idiots – and myself more than most hence my natural aversion to twitter.  Hopefully that’ll be an important lesson to the person who sent it out. Another lesson is that if you give away free beer you’ll get mobbed!”

  9. @thedeaddollsclub thanks for responding and clearing things up a bit. Personally I don’t mind tweets being deleted as long as a mistake gets acknowledged. If I were in your position i’d want to remove the original tweet too, even if you can’t really delete stuff on the internet, it’s better than leaving it by your name forever. I don’t think anyone’s an idiot, or being malicious, or intentionally offensive. Just a poor choice of phrase followed by a slightly extreme response. Mistakes and misjudgements happen to the best of us, so it goes. I will try and swing by and say hi this weekend.

  10. @dsingleton @GavinRedknap @ewebber @jwd606 Thankyou all for highlighting the matter to us. A error made under our names. We also regret the way it was handled yesterday. Please do all come by if you are free as our guests this weekend. As you come in ask for Adam or Kate at the food stall and they will point you in our directions. We are open from 12pm-12am and are hoping the sunshine stays with us for Saturday.

  11. I’m also offended by the gang rape joke. Can I have free beer?

  12. @lizzie the whole thing started with free beer!

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