Logging in with Facebook

I have been fiddling with a method of logging in with facebook – handy if you have problems remembering your password (and you have a facebook account)When you hit this button it will take you through the normal connecting questions and you’re done. Make sure your email address on yeah! Hackney is the same as the one you have on facebook or it will create a new account not connected to your existing one.I’d appreciate your thoughts on it – please add to this thread.Thanks


  1. good stuff, just done it, means i will log in now! Noel

  2. @noeln16 great, if you are logged into facebook all you will need to do in future is click that button on and you’ll be in – now I could just do with a method for twitter

  3. Ooh, that was nice and simple. I turned up as an unregistered user, clicked ‘log in with Facebook’, and now I’m here. Hello!One thing that’s not quite so great, though – I clicked ‘allow’ to letting the site post on my wall, but was sort of expecting it to prompt me before actually doing anything. But instead, it posted \has connected to yeah! Hackney at http://www.yeahhackney.com with WP-FB AutoConnect.” on my wall.I don’t mind the site posting if it tells me what it’s doing first and also think that string probably ought to be tidied up so that it’s a bit more relavent. (Do any of my friends really care that it’s using WP-FB AutoConnect?)”

  4. Hi @Martin.Deutsch thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. I will have a look at what I can tweak to make it a bit nicer, less intrusive.Emily

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