Local Milkman (use him or lose him)

I had this mesage through from Northwold Area Residents Group that you may be interested in:Please encourage neighbours to consider ordering their milk from our milkman. It’s a really good service, he’s responsive to customer needs, and it’s a bonus having him driving round the area in the early hours keeping an eye on things. Milk arrives very early – well before I get up at 5:30, and is delivered three times a week. We also buy eggs.If you need something else delivered try asking him.Get in touch with him on john.milkman@ntlworld.comPS. His name is Vinnie and he’ll deliver other things as well such as cat and dog food, groceries etc. Just email what you would like. You can also phone him on: 07772 427 599

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  1. hello. I live in a communal house and having the milk delivered just really helps with the flow of the house as we never run out of milk! Having milk and papers delivered is ace

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