Living in E5

I am moving into this area soon – Goulton Road. Can anyone offer any advice about the surrounding areas – any do and/or don’t?  I don’t know the area at all so your advice would be gratefully received. Thanks, L


  1. I live on the other side of the roundabout, there are a few here who live closer. You will be close to Palm2 , so use that, rather than the Tescos (boo-hiss) The recently opened Clapton Hart can be your new local – it isn’t up against much competition tbf – biddle brothers is alright, the Elderfield is ok, and that is all the competition within walking distance I think. I don’t think the area is particularly dangerous – but that is from the perpective of a middle-aged grey bearded bloke. Shopping wise – you do have Palm2 as mentioned, also Chatsworth Road, which is probably about 10-15 mins walk away – head down there for the weekly Sunday market. Head up to Stoke Newington as well, plenty of nice restaurants there, cafes, a few good pubs.

  2. @aggiebel there is a great thread on Clapton over here that you might appreciate as well as they will give you some of our tips on the area too. Also have a look around the Clapton group discussions

  3. @marty21 and @ewebber  Thank you both for your very helpful feedback.  I look forward to exploring the area.

  4. Hackney Downs, close to where you’ll be living, is a great place to run nowadays. Springfield park further north must be one of the most under appreciated parks in London. Get down to the river and explore that and the canal. There’s a newly refurbished pub down at Lea Bridge called the Princess of Wales. Was in there last weekend, it looks very nice and really very promising, perhaps more so that the Clapton Hart. ps Tesco really aint that bad. Its a supermarket, like supermarkets anywhere else. Palm 2 is generally better, but dont let ideology dictate your own decisions, unless of course you believe in that ideology.

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