Little London Fields Festival 2011

‘London’s Biggest little Free festival’ Little London Fields it’s back in 2011 on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June.The line up hasn’t been announced yet, butSaturday is music day with dance, dub, indie, electro, folk and pop and Sunday is ‘Family’ day, with a more laid back vibe with added artist workshops, arts and craft market and comedy.People can register on-line from 1.2.2011 and will receive a text or email with a code to allow access to the festival. Punters can turn up on the day but may have to queue with a voluntary donation going to a local charity.For more information, see the Little London Fields website


  1. Some friends and I have applied for tickets for this a while back, my friend says she heard that the festival might not be going ahead this year as local residents complained about the noise last year.

    That’s \a bloke in a pub said” so no idea if there’s any substance to it.”

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