Let’s make some local Ale – Join the Hackney Hop Growers!

I’ve recently been asked by my friends in South London who run the ‘Brixton Beer Company’ to set up a new Hackney Hop growing Group as I wanted to grow some hops here myself.The idea is to create a community of people growing hops in a variety of urban spaces – from balconies to community spaces – and then we harvest and make beer together with a local brewer in September and enjoy truly ‘Local Ale’. I am now urgently looking for willing growers in the area to make a start this year, with the upcoming deadline of this Monday March 11th for plant orders (£20 starter pack, £10 extra plants) and Planting Day set for St Patrick’s Day / Sunday March 17th. So if you or anyone you know would be interested in getting involved, please do get in touch with me ASAP with your contact details, how many plants you want and the address + postcode of where you will be growing them and we can take it from there! I’ll send you more details then. Cheers,Isabel


  1. Hey @hackneyhopgrow thanks for the post, I have a small balcony so may be able to take part. How much space would I need? Also as an aside (I don’t have any) but are hops safe for pets? @line1 @quitepeculiar @hackneye @monkchips I think you might be interested in this

  2. Hey – thanks for your interest!Q south-facing balcony would be fine if you can fit a large pot – we recommend a 50l plant pot like http://www.amazon.co.uk/Litre-Plastic-Plant-Heavy-handles/dp/B006VCJYSA/although – or the now redundant Hackney Recycling Boxes may come in useful here too! These are dwarf hops that can grow to 2.5m although they can be trailed sideways also.As for pets the dog in the picture seems to like them… but I’ll check with fellow growers tonight at the Crystal Palace Beer Tasting event to make sure – checkout the info/FAQs on the fb page too : https://www.facebook.com/groups/hackneyhopgrow/)”

  3. This sounds fun, I’ll be up for this.

  4. @hackneyhopgrow I have an east facing balcony that gets sun until around midday.Maybe I can trail them down to the balcony below me ( @line1 😉 ) I’ll drop you a private message with my deets.

  5. I’m in !  I’ve wanted to start home brewing, so this is perfect.  I’ve got a south facing balcony that can probably fit a couple recycling boxes. Ry

  6. I have a west facing garden and up for hop-growing – can fit in a fair bit! Only issue is I’m away next weekend.

  7. Sounds good, I’m in too- will send you my details now

  8. @HackneyHaz – we can arrange a different time/day for pick-up, although the plants are best planted the same day! Send me your details and I’ll get more info over to you!

  9. Im just over the border of Hackney, but as a beer fan, I’d love to get involved. I have a yard!Don’t know how to PM on here, so if you’re interested please drop me a message.

  10. Hi @wiggles to send a private message, go to @HackneyHopGrow ‘s profile and add her as a friend. Once she accepts you can send each other messages from each others profile pages.

  11. I’m up for it and have a small garden which should be suitable.

  12. Get your last (hop plant) orders in today please!!!

  13. I’m really interested in this idea but my balcony is East facing….would this be a problem?

  14. All planted and raring to go

  15. The beer is ready to go! Brewed by the good people at Hackney Brewery the ‘Hackney Homegrown’ is on sale at the Clapton Hart Howl at the Moon Crooked Billet and (soon I think) the Duke of Wellington. Thanks very much to @HackneyHopGrow for organising- looking forward to a bumper crop next year!

  16. Hello! If it’s not too late, I’m totally up for growing a hops plant. I have a west/southwest facing container garden that gets a lot of sun. Tell me if I can still order, or if you have any extra plants?
    Thank you!


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