Let Mike ‘Down Dalston Lane’ play his guitar petition

Hi Put this out on the general discussion board yesterday – Here it is here. Hope it’s of Interest. This guy is a Hackney diamond. I’m sure a lot of you have met him – but for all who have and haven’t Mike is the face and friendly guitarist who plays at the back of the Kingsland Shopping Centre half way down the ramp to the car park. He’s been playing there for nine years and is liked, loved and appreciated by so many. He is one of the people that make Hackney special. You’ve only to talk to him to find out why. He’s intelligent, engaging, courteous  and conscientious. There is a Youtube film made about him. He’s written songs for the area including a tribute to the stab murder victim in Matalan (Who Mike knew) a few years ago. Just recently the Centre’s management have objected to Mike playing on the ramp and are trying to stop him. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for this. I’m pretty sure they don’t know how valued he is. I’ve started a petition and am appealing to all you fine and decent Hecknerians to back Mike and sign to persuade the management to stop their plight and allow him to play. Here’s the site: http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/dalston-cross-shopping-centre-london-greater-london-e8-2lx-allow-mike-down-dalston-lane-to-play-his-guitar-at-the-back-of-the-centre?share_id=DOVoKhqhuL Thanks for taking time to read this Kieron “

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  1. Mike is the only redeeming feature of Dalston shopping centre, he’s got to stay.  I have enjoyed seeing him on my otherwise depressing trips there over the last 7 or so years.  Also he’s a lefty like me!  Please sign up people. Will

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