LCR Police Station closure

It looks like the police station on LCR will be closing, I really had hoped it would stay open especially with the gang problems on the nearby estates. Of course I’m not sure it makes a difference.


  1. I haven’t actually used it, I tried once on a Bank Holiday Monday to report a flasher, but they were closed for the holidays.

  2. In terms of policing, I doubt it matters much. As Dave Hill pointed out a couple of months ago, most crime is reported by phone these days;

  3. Being turned into flats, apparently.

  4. The station is now up for sale. Unfortunately, this beautiful building will most likely be developed in to flats   – though fingers crossed for a more imaginative alternative.

  5. They are looking for about £3million for it. Which means they’d probably need to sell about £5.5 to £6 million worth of flats for it to be \viable” for redevelopment.”

  6. I think definitely viable – there’s the potential for at least 8 flats in the station building itself at maybe £500K each and then of course there’s the big car park which should achieve planning permission to build  a development of at least 8 more flats – overlooking church park – at maybe £750K each. So that’s £10 million. Probably take at least £3 million to build, so left with a small profit of £3 million. Of course all well in theory and a lot of effort to achieve a double return on your initial investment.I can’t see very few commercial developments that could surpass this type of return – so sadly we are probably only looking at flats. I think it would make a great arts & design centre or museum – very imposing presence on the street.

  7. £3 million for this site seems incredibly cheap to me. I do hope they get more for it. The photo shows that the site includes the end 3-storey house on St John’s Church Rd. This alone could be converted into 3 flats probably fetching over a million – never mind the existing building and car park.LCR police station

  8. Conservatively, you’d be looking for £5000 per square metre in the area (now, frankly, you’d be expecting £6000psm), so just the station should have a final sale value of around £10 million. Any developer worth their salt should be pulling the Police’s arm off for that property at £3 million.

  9. As a neighbour (who gave up their car some years ago) I do wonder about parking (I know, the perennial planners worry) if flats is the option. About a year ago I attended a consultation day regarding a housing development in the Churchyard (near Mortuary building), but have heard nothing about this for a while. Meanwhile Pembury Circus is a go. Again this was flats, but even mention of a Pub! It will be slightly quieter for us locals as the Police Sirens did not always adher to the agreed protocol. Also I will not miss the occasional rude officer going to work, looking impatient as the public/pedestrian/local motorist  held them up for a few seconds before they entered their enclosed compound.

  10. makes me wish i had money. it *is* a beautiful building and i like the location a lot. i went in that police station once and it was a grim experience for me used to the more open, welcoming toronto police stations. i hope, whatever they do, it enhances the area and washes the taste of that visit out of my mouth!

  11. Commotion this evening in the Police Station. It would appear that it had been squatted and Police have cleared them out. Seems to have gone smoothly, i saw about 12 Officers in protective clothing and shields in the Car Park. Judging by the loud bangs they broke into the building and removed the squatters. I witnessed no arrests, and only some minor verbal confrontations. Clearly one to watch, and interesting (in legal terms) as the building is not residential, yet the Police were able to move in (possibly due to other violations).

  12. Looks like this building is now under offer: can’t see it being anything other than a large flat development or possibly a hotel. More strain on parking in the area for sure.

  13. “She confirmed there were no plans to retain the cells for use in school discipline.”

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