Announcing the launch of THE WALL | BOUNDARIES.Come down Thursday 26th September for a private view.Meet the artists, view our huge outdoor gallery, have a drink and groove on down in our car park.RSVP: hds@creativenetworkpartners.comWe have invited local community groups and artists from far and wide to create 30 new works, a unique opportunity to showcase their work in a huge outdoor gallery within our creative hub.London is a city bursting with creativity and yet full of boundaries, we work in offices and studios, behind closed doors. How does this impede or inspire the creative process?How do we find freedom, creativity and expression within boundaries?THE WALL | BOUNDARIES offers the chance to explore and respond to the physical barriers that exist on the site and within our city.If you would like to get involved in any other capacity or be interested in documenting the project please get in touch.Have a look at our last WALL event here: look forward to meeting you.Follow us @LouTheWall”