Launch of Digital ‘Place-making’ Tool –

Launch of Digital ‘Place-making’ Tool –

This came via the Dalston Eastern Curve newsletter.

A new online tool for Dalston is being launched at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden on Saturday from 11-2

It’s from CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) London and Commonplace (a tool aimed at planners, property developers and neighbourhoods) and is described as “a different way for you to share your ideas about your neighbourhood. Using your phone, home computer or other internet device, you can comment in real time, share your views, and also find out what other people in your neighbourhood think. Information is immediately available to you or your organisation”

CPRE will also use the information gathered to develop guidelines and advice for planners, architects and developers to inform them on the issues that are important to people about the places where they live.

The tool is already live at:

I did sign up, but was surprised at how much personal information that it is asking for during registration, but found you can skip most of it.


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