Last chance: YES TO AV polling day!

Thursday May 4th is polling day in our once-in-a-lifetime chance to get rid of the useless First Past The Post voting system.We’ll be campaigning across Hackney in these final hours of the campaign, making sure our neighbours remember to vote. I’ll be:Leafleting at Hackney Downs Railway station8am – 9am…and then spending the rest of the day working out of the:Downstairs room of Cafe Z, 58 Stoke Newington High St, N16 7PB9am – 10pmAlternatively, you could go to our Hackney South HQ in Hoxton:66 Wenlock Court, New North Road, N1 7PL10am – 10pmLondon is expected to vote YES, and the national result could come down to how many Londoners actually get to the polls. I’d really appreciate it if you could join us for a few hours or even all day.Thank you so much – hope to see you tomorrow!Gary


  1. I agree with Nick Clegg, AV is a miserable little compromise

  2. Better than First Past the Post though, right?

  3. only slightly, it’s the difference between a really shitty sandwich and a shitty sandwich, whichever way you vote, you’re still getting a shitty sandwich.

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