Laptop, mac mini and internal door for sale

Now that we’re settled into E5 we’re having a bit of a clear out and have a macbook pro, an old mac mini and an internal door for sale.More details on my blog at prices negotiable.


  1. Hi, Has the macbook pro got any software on it? What system is running?I have an old G5 (pre-intel) and it’s torture to use now because no-one supports this platform anymore. Can’t even install Firefox (had to find an obscure company that makes browsers) and it keeps beachballing. Can’t update any systems or upgrade to CS6 (on CS3) on this mac.Anyway, as I’m a graphic designer, it’s severely limited what I can do in the way of freelance work at home so I’m interested.Kelly

  2. @jystewart just making sure you see the above reply

  3. Thanks @ewebber. I’ve obviously got my notification settings wrong! The macbook pro is on 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard). It could be upgraded to Lion or Mountain Lion quite comfortably. There’s only the standard system software on there but it would run newer versions of Creative Suite, Firefox etc (I was running both, but wiped them off as I prepared it for sale as I need the CS license elsewhere). If you want to email me – – that might be best to discuss it more?

  4. @jystewart nope, there are just no alerts unless you are mentioned.

  5. @kellylebelly just wanted to make sure you saw my reply and check whether you’re still interested before I list the laptop on ebay (probably this weekend if there aren’t any takers before)

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