Hi, just wondering if anyone knows of any Spanish or French conversation groups in the area, or if anyone is interested in starting one up or meeting up for a bit of Spanish or French language practice.


  1. Hi I’d be interested. My French is basic but I lived in France fairly recently so I’m hoping the rust will chip off fairly easily. My Spanish is more advanced but even more corroded! Would you like to meet for a noisette/cortado?Kirsten

  2. Hi londiner and redmarch, Are you still interested in having Spanish conversation meetup? I am a Spanish teacher from Mexico, and I am about to start a group lesson at the Shoreditch Trust for beginners. I am doing it through Hackney Shares, and there are two available spots there, you can request through them a place. Last year I was doing a Spanish conversation meetup in Hammersmith, but this year I will do it in a more central spot, let me know if you are interested! Karla

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