Ladies hairdresser that won’t cost me both arms and a leg

Oooh, haven’t actually posted before. How exciting! So I’m wondering if I could ask where people get their hair cut round here?  I’m a ginger (which shouldn’t really impact on the quality of the hair cut, but I thought I’d mention it anyway) and my hair is curly so I ideally need someone who kinda gets curly hair, but who isn’t going to charge me a million pounds for the priviledge! Any ideas? Nic xx


  1. blue tit on kingsland road (near mangal) – andy – he seems to understand curly hair. didn’t have a cut from him but he said a lot of things that made me think he did know what it was all about! so many have treated my hair as if it were straight and that doesn’t work.

  2. @hippienikkib it’s worth having a look over on this previous thread too:

  3. Idol on Victoria Park Road is great and reasonably priced. I’ve got wavy hair and they’ve always done a great job with me, the best curly blow dry i’ve ever had. Kai is great (little bit more expensive) and a lovely Italian woman. Haircuts are between £35-50

  4. Wow, aren’t you guys a helpful bunch!Thank you very much! I’ll let you know how i get on. X

  5. I’m closing this older thread as there is a newer one over here:

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