Known issues after upgrade (Nov 2011)

There were a lot of things I fixed during the upgrade, but it was a big change, so here are a few things that I know about and am working on, I’ll update as I work through them or if I find anymore: » On a group the new topic button isn’t jumping to the text box» Groups on the search page are showing all email options instead of them being hidden


  1. Groups on the search page are not longer looking odd, still working on the new topic button….

  2. Forums aren’t showing up in Search right now – you can search directly from the forum page for now

  3. New topic button now works 🙂

  4. Sometimes username are showing up and sometimes real names

  5. On Chrome the nav menu is shifted up and to the right (activity is sitting on top of the little finger of the yeah hackney logo)

  6. Hi @jamieb that sounds like a caching issue – a hard refresh should sort it (cntrl F5 on a pc or apple + R on a mac)

  7. Tried that! Still happening. Been like this since the upgrade. Any other chrome users seeing this? Or do I have some special version of chrome with unique bogs on the yeah hackney website?!? Also the wording of the email notifications has changed and you don’t get a link to the relevant post any more.”

  8. @jamieb I used to see that until I cleared my cache, it’s all to do with the new styles and theme that needed to be created as part of the upgrade Please can you try a proper cache clear, it’s under preferences > clear browsing data The email wording my have changed as some settings are different (I am due to re-write them all when I get a chance), if you can tell me which particular email isn’t containing the link I can have a look into it.

  9. @jamieb please forward any emails that don’t contain the expected link to contact [at] – thanks

  10. Ahhhh that’s better. Nice one! In chrome on a PC it’s in…chrome://settings/advanced

  11. The links on the email is being looked at – I’m relying on a third party developer to fix things, so it may take a little longer than if it was something I could do myself.

  12. Looking good!The RSS icon on the forum overview pages is a few pixels off in Chrome, even after a forced reload. See attached.Will let you know if I find anything else!

  13. Hi @aendrew – ok, thanks – it’s a knock on of a style somewhere else. I’m really concentrating on functional issues with the limited time that I have to fit any development around my proper job, so I might not get around to moving that icon for a while.

  14. That rss link looks ok on mine. Could be that same caching issue that I had with the nav menu.

  15. The RSS link is out on the group forum directory pages, but it’s not at the top of the bug fixing list right now

  16. Search is showing forums again 🙂

  17. The links at the bottom of the emails should be fixed now @jamieb can you confirm if you are seeing the right thing now?

  18. Just forwarded the email to you. No link to this thread

  19. Ok, I’ll take that back to the developer. The link to change notification is showing, which is halfway there 🙂

  20. I’m going to switch the offending plugin off for now and wait for future updates@jamieb it should work now

  21. There seems to be an issue with notifications being sent out, we are looking into this,

  22. Group RSS feeds were no longer working, so have been deactivated for now

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