Kino- Morning Lane

Dunno which group to post this bar/cafe/cinema in, but, anyone been here yet?

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  1. Hello @benjamin (and everyone else!)We were just looking to post a request but since we’ve already been mentioned we thought we should say hi!We’re still a work in progress but we’re open to the public so feel free to drop in to have a look around/pint/chat. We’re open from 5pm every day and will soon be opening during the day for coffee, cakes, etc.And now the request;We’re looking for some activities. We’re a nice big bar with plenty of tables that would be suitable for quizzes, live music (acoustic only for the time being), or perhaps some kind of arts and crafts groups(?).Anyway – do get in touch or drop in if you’re looking for somewhere to host your moustache appreciation society meetings or to hold your cat-grooming classes. We’ve actually already got a group in our rather large basement on Tuesdays who teach some kind of Caribbean dancing (I’m not sure of the details just yet actually…).Hope to see/hear from you soon,Kino

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