Kings Hall Leisure Centre

Hii apologies if this has been discussed before, but is anyone a member of the Kings Hall Leisure Centre? I need to join a local gym and it seems like a good deal (£20 a month) Anyone a member?


  1. @lizzie Hi, I can recommend the gym bit of the leisure centre certainly, have played badminton there a few times too. The gym was refitted not all that long ago and is pretty good. Even better for me as it’s right near where I live! Actually, I just phoned them up as I’ve been paying £41 per month for a few years now and they said the 20-odd quid gym-only membership is quite a recent thing. That makes it even better value in my opinion, though I don’t think you’ll be able to use the pool or go to the exercise classes for that cheaper rate.

  2. The gym at Kings Hall is very good. The Health Suite with Sauna and steam room is falling to bits and could do with renovation. Haven’t been to any of the classes or swimming pool. The nice thing is that if you join Kings Hall you also have access to Britannia and Clissold Park leisure centres (and some of their facilities are much nicer).

  3. It’s £19.95 a month to use the gym and then £3 for a class or the pool. £3 is good for a class considering I usually walk out of them after about 15 minutes. I also just read that if you quit smoking through the NHS in Hackney you get 1 month free gym membership! I’m gonna do that!!

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