King Edward’s Road E9: New flats

This empty site (at the corner of King Edward’s Road and Clermont Road has been empty since the 90s, and the council are finally building doing something with it.\32 new homes in buildings ranging from 3-4 storeys. Units range from 1bed flats to 4 bed maisonettes (1bed x 9 2bed x 10 3bed x 9 4bed x 4) with approximately 50% private and 50% social rented.””The Council has an aspiration to create an exemplary housing scheme” quite a lot of interesting stuff in the D&A statement about the site. Or at least I find it interesting because it’s got a lot about the history of the Kingshold Estate where I’ve been living for the last few years.”


  1. Whilst I’m pleased they’re finally planning some housing on long-empty land, I’ve got to say, the pantomime pastiche decorative \traditional brick pattern” on the gable ends looks bloody ridiculous;

  2. I’ve got to add that I find it more than a bit ironic that LB Hackney is, in association with ‘New London Architecture’, holding an event next month entitled ‘Hackney – The Coolest Borough?‘ .Whilst they still propose pastiche I’d suggest that they are at least a whole generation behind the cultural curve.”

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