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Hello Hackney,We are looking for local people, book groups, cafés, book shops, homeware stores, toy shops, markets, fun places, to spread the word, blog and stock our book/s! Just before Christmas a friend and I release a book called ‘The Reader’s Digestive’, it is a illustrated walk through the World of the biscuit. Here are a few reviews to give you an idea:Design Week Magazine At the moment it is only available at my  web-shop and on  Amazon. We are looking for people blogs and newspapers to review it. Also places to stock ‘The Reader’s Digestive’. Please get in touch I live in Clapton and I’m available here and at. We would love some feedback!

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  1. My two books are now available at The Russet Café – Hackney Downs Studios.An A to Z of Twords & The Reader’s DigestiveMany Thanks Russet Café! X  I’m looking for more local shops cafés stalls… to take it on? If you are interested please get in touch!

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