June Twee8 at The Wenlock Arms

I thought I’d go ahead and post this now, so that way we can all have it in our diaries and calendars. The next Twee8 will be at The Wenlock Arms, which is reopening next month in time for the third Wednesday of the month, which is on the 19th. Usual rules apply: We’ll be there from 7pm until we have to go. The Wenlock Arms is near Old Street: 26 Wenlock Rd, London, Greater London N1 7TA I don’t think the pub will have a full kitchen, but hopefully there will be some good beer on, and there will definitely be a fun time. So who’s coming down? @ewebber @3djamie @mattyc @stephenhignell @kuxi @staystylish @hackneye @euan @marty21 @goodlegs @3djamie0 etc?”


  1. I think I can be there!

  2. It’s in the diary

  3. Ah yes, The Wenlock Arms is now on Twitter (again). They’ve also got a website (very basic but well-designed holding page). For you beery types have a look at this photo this photo and this photo for an idea of what beers they’re doing. For those of us rocking public transportation the pub is not a large distance from Old Street (GOOGLE MAPPAGE!) and not too far from Angel Station on the Northern line and several buses such as the 2176 141 and 271 go quite near it as well as the 43. Any buses that go through Old Street could also be suitable as it’s about a 10 minute walk or so.”

  4. @quitepeculiar thanks, looks awesome 🙂

  5. After going into hiding (crazy schedule), I will be at the next Twee8! See you guys there!

  6. @staystylish @stephenhignell @monkchips are you coming? i might be able to persuade the mister!

  7. @skimldn Excellent! Look forward to seeing you!

  8. Gahhh… friend’s in town that night, planned to go to South Ken. Shame this is soooo near my new hood too, if dinner doesn’t go too late, I’ll definitely drop by!

  9. Should be able to make this

  10. Its in my diary and hoping to make it..

  11. Cool! Lookin’ like a damn fine crowd. Just so you know, there won’t be a table reserved, as The Wenlock Arms doesn’t do reserved tables. So if you happen to be the first person there, find a nice, big table and claim it for the glory of twee8!! I’ll be coming straight from work from the brewery. If we’re lucky, The Wenlock Arms will have the Five Points Porter on, along with some other fine brews.

  12. I’m hoping to be there on Weds. Nice pub choice 🙂

  13. I will try to make it It will be my 1st meetup so please be nice! ^^

  14. @citygirl We are friendly folk who only get irate at decidedly unample bowls of chips. @ewebber should remember this incident that I am referencing. @dml82 Excellent. Hope you can come and thanks for the compliment on the pub choice. The Wenlock Arms has just reopened, so I’m quite keen on seeing how they look now! I’ve heard many good things.

  15. So bummed, Im stuck at work and wont be able to make it guys ;( I’ll try my very best to attend the next one!In the meantime if any of you fancy having a drink and catch up for a drink please drop me a line! I just move to dalston and dont know much folks in the area..SAD I know 😉 See you soonKatia

  16. @citygirl come late!

  17. Had a great time meeting new people. Noisy pub so I didn’t catch names. Who are the new Canadians? Yell out your names  please! Thanks, @quitepeculiar, and looking forward to your brewery open house coming up. 🙂

  18. @Janice I should have! But I was so chattered I just crashed on my sofa! Next time!! 😉

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