Joomla Website Workshops

We run free introduction training sessions every week at Birkbeck College, WC1, on building websites using the Joomla content management system. You can attend these sessions more than once and are very welcome to invite anyone else that needs to build their own websites.Contact me by email or text 079 5096 3069 if you want more information or to let us know you are coming. – The E-Literacy Campaign “


  1. Hi Interested in this but it says for ex students of Birkbeck? Is it in Hackney?

  2. @jed-keenan just checking you get this response.

  3. Hello Schen & EwebberI’ve been piloting at Birkbeck College since January and starting out in Homerton and Dalston and probably Hoxton, Stoke Newington and Stamford Hill over the summer. Phew! I’ll build a new site and put the dates on that but if you want the free open introduction right away then just pop down to Torrington Square on Mondays at 6pm, Room 412 this month, but probably a different room next month as we exceeded capacity this week. The monthly room listings are on the noticeboards in every lift when you get there. Just watch out for the evil social scientists up on the sixth floor – ‘THEY’RE ALIVE!’JK

  4. @schen just checking you’ve seen this. (please @ mention each other to make sure you’re notified)

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