What’s happening to the Jackdaw and Stump?

Rumor the Jackdaw and Stump is closing to make way for flats, hasn’t been open for the last couple of days, so guess this might be the case. Not a great pub, but shame to lose another building to flats.


  1. There is nothing on the Hackney Planning search http://apps.hackney.gov.uk/servapps/Northgate/PlanningExplorer/generalsearch.aspx
    It would be a shame to see the building disappear as it’s pretty awesome

    Jackdaw and Stump, Homerton, E9
    From Ewan Muroe

    And the eagle from when it was the Spread Eagle

    The Jackdaw and Stump, Homerton
    From Fin Fahey

    I’ve never been in the pub itself, it gets reviews like this http://www.fancyapint.com/Pub/london/jackdaw-and-stump/3947

    The website doesn’t shed any light http://www.jackdawandstump.com/ but it doesn’t look like it’s been updated for a while

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  4. Oooh the Jackdaw and Stump are locally listed, which may help stop it being knocked down


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  6. No chance that any pub is going to be turned into flats around this way anymore. Theyre worth way too much as actual pubs now. Its just a shame that places like the Ship Aground and the Swan just missed out. If anything, this place will be gentrified just like the Plough/ Windsor Castle/ Billet/ Clapton Hart/ Princess of Wales were, and what apparently the Elephant and Cecil are about to.

  7. I just came across a thread from 2010 with the traditional boozer tour http://www.yeahhackney.com/pub-map/ none of those pubs are as they were then.

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  9. I walked past today and there’s a sign in the window saying “this pub is now closed”. All the other signage is gone and the curtains are all drawn.

    No planning applications or other information that I could see though.

  10. I’ve heard (perhaps wrongly) Vice magazine have bought it. I don’t mind if that’s true but its becoming really hard to find a pub around here I can still afford to drink in, or even want to!

  11. Saw someone mention that on twitter, can’t find anything else though. Weren’t the people who bought the windsor castle part owners of the old blue last with vice?

  12. @rossallmark can you tell us any more?

  13. This one isn’t one of ours, but I wish it was!

  14. There you go @carfee @j113t sounds like just unfounded rumours then

  15. Thanks for clearing that one up.

    Was in the “currently under going renovation” Adam and Eve last night. Part closed. Part painted. Only two beers left on tap. Six people crowded around a TV watching Corrie. Very odd atmosphere.

  16. Things seem to be happening, reopening August as the Jackdaw and Star: https://twitter.com/JackdawAndStar / http://jackdawandstar.co.uk/

  17. Based on the domain registration I think the new leaseholder seems to be Rob Hives, who’s previous done The Star of Kings, in kings cross:


    • Or the Star of Hackney Downs?

  18. Oh yeah, of course.

    The branding is all the same for all their website. Never really been to the Star of Hackney Downs (or the Bethnal Green one) – are they any good?

  19. I hope they learned their lesson with the three sisters and don’t ponce it up to the max. More than a couple of beers on tap would also be appreciated.

  20. And pints under four pounds, please. A refurb isn’t a licence to take the mickey with prices.

  21. I have asked them to comment

  22. Hi guys, thanks for starting this conversation.
    Lovely to virtually meet some of the locals, can’t wait to meet you in person!
    At the moment the place is just a building site but we’re hoping to open around mid-August.
    Unlike the Star by Hackney Downs, we’re free of tie which means we’re not limited in the range of beers we can stock. Lots of ales from local breweries as well as great food.
    Just to let you know we’re giving away 1000 beers/food platters for the locals so go to http://jackdawandstar.co.uk/ to subscribe to the list and get yours.
    Let us know if you have any suggestions for the pub, some gatherings you’d like to organise or anything that can bring the community together. x

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