We visited Bella Vita and gave it a thumbs up for food but not so much for service! else know any good italians in Hackney? Tips please xx


  1. You can find a reasonably good pizza and risotto at \Il Bacio” in Stoke Newington Church Street.”

  2. forgot about that one – there aren’t any others in Shoreditch area though are they? Racking brains….

  3. There is one in Church Street next to il bacio express. It’s called \trattoria da Luigi” but I don’t know how it is – i’ve never eaten there. Some friends told me is pretty good. A very good italian in Shoreditch (Hoxton Square) is La Furnace – which should be from Naples.”

  4. This Sardinian restaurant in Viccy Park is great Su Sazzagoni

  5. Honestly. FORGET Il Bacio. Never go back. Datte Foco has some of the best pizza and pasta in London. Plus they deliver. check it out:

  6. @londonforinsiders oh dear, what happened? I haven’t been for years, but I remember it was pretty good.

    Datte Focco on the other hand is somewhere I have been and didn’t have a very good experience.

  7. It’s just lackluster, really. The pizza is ok, but the pasta dishes just don’t measure up.

    What happened at Datte Foco?? Was the food terrible? The service?

  8. @londonforinsiders I went after a recommendation, but the service wasn’t very good, we were pretty much ignored and the pizza didn’t blow me away. Maybe I’ll try again at some point… maybe

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