Issue: Notification setting for Twee8 group is ignored.

I’ve set the notifications for the Twee8 group to ‘Daily Digest’ but received all four of yesterday’s posts concerning the meetup votes.Chrome 10.0.648.151OSX 10.6.5Will leave settings as such for today to allow investigation of the issue.


  1. This is not a bug, It’s user settings.It refers to 2 different types of settings, these are:Group notifications, which you have as daily digest and user notifications, which in this case are set to notify you immediately about conversations you are taking part in to keep you up to date e.g. you should get this response as an email. The link you have at the bottom of the notification emails will take you to the relevant settings screen. If you don’t want those particular emails you can change the setting there. I hope that helps

  2. @lovelyzoo did you get this sorted?

  3. Yeah, I get it now, my user notifications were overriding the group setting.

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