Is there a new pub on the river lea, Hackney Wick?

I was wondering if there has been a new pub/restaurant opened in Hackney Wick recently? I was cycling along the canal and noticed a large terrace area with tables and chairs and what appeared to be an outdoor bar. The place was further up the river (towards Clapton) from Crate Brewery (same side). Any ideas? Cheers


  1. I saw the same cycling along the other day. It seems to be just round the corner from where all the artists co-ops are.

  2. have  seen it, I think it is a restaurant/bar – I think they had a beach laid there in the summer

  3. It looked very busy and popular when I went past, anyone know what it’s called?

  4. It is called Smokey Tails.A pop-up bar / restaurant / terrace, on until about the end of October.On a warm evening it has an almost Ibiza-vibe.Decent food.

  5. Looks good though someone should tell their chefs that its called courgette in this country not zucchini.”

  6. Thanks for the details. will check it out (hopefully with a bit of sunshine) soon!

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