Is there a Local History Group?

Can anyone point me to a Local History Group for Dalston please?


  1. @johnbibby your best bet is the Hackney Society

  2. @johnbibby Hackney Archives hold many photos, maps and history of the Borough email of Hackney Archives is the local history group associated with HA. Details here… Does anyone know when Hackney Archives is re-opening?”

  3. @traxcitement according to Loving Dalston the library is aiming for “late Jan” I am guessing that extends to the archives.”

  4. @traxcitement the library is due for 23rd Jan, but the archives aren’t ready yet: \Hackney Archives is currently moving its collections including over 20000 historic photographs original records of Hackney Council and other local organisations and what are thought to be the oldest documents in the collections a bundle of property records relating to land in different parts of London dating back to 1356 to their new home. In the meantime the searchroom will open on 23 January along with the rest of the library to provide access to some of the local studies collections including microfilm copies of the Hackney Gazette from 1869 maps digitised copies of photographs and local history publications. The full archives service providing access to the unique historical documents in the archives will open soon after the new library.” From:

  5. @ewebber thanks, it seems ages since it was last open, should be a much improved service and easier to get to right next to Dalston Junction station.

  6. What about putting the documents online?

  7. I visited last Friday and both the library and archives are a big improvement, nice clean spaces.@primrose you can see what information is available online, but you cannot access any of the files, you have to visit to do that. Also be aware that as yet not all the files have been transfered to the new archives so it’s best to phone and check to see if it’s there first. The Hackney Gazette microfilms are there, but these are not indexed other than in years so you have to scoll through them.

  8. Thanks so much but I am now living in Texas so can’t get there.

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