Invite to new photo exhibition – Environmental sustainability in Hackney

Hackney has the largest expanse of green space (815 acres) within inner city London but can we take this as a symbol for how green the borough is in general? Hackney, just one of 32 boroughs in London, offers a valuable snapshot of urban sustainability at a more local level. Too often, cities are given credit for their leadership on environmental initiatives whilst neglecting the valuable collective action taken by the many smaller communities that form the backbone of a city. In the absence of major private sector employment in Hackney, local government can often seem to dominate due to the power it wields over planning decisions and enacting local environmental policy. Fortunately, Hackney has a diverse range of other stakeholders who are also active in promoting environmental sustainability. Civil society organizations, local businesses, community arts groups, and concerned individuals are all equally represented in this exhibition. Solar PV panels reflect the sun on the Pembury Estate in Hackney Colin Cafferty is a local resident and environmental documentary photographer interested in engaging the public on energy sustainability and environmental issues. In 2012 he graduated with an MSc degree in Climate Change Management from the University of London and set up a website with the aim of inspiring action on climate change through photography ( This is the photographer’s second exhibition in Hackney. “Tilting at windmills” explored the visual impact of wind power on landscape and showed at Other café and gallery Dalston in Sep-Oct 2012. He also presented a separate exhibition (London – a snapshot of urban resilience and sustainability) in support of the first major international conference on urban sustainability and resilience held at University College London in Nov 2012. Hackney Museum 1 Reading Lane London E8 1GQ (located next to Hackney Central library on Mare Street). Click here for website”