Invitation to Live Art Speed Date @ Stoke Newington International Airport

Dear Hackneyers,you are warmly invited to our infamous art event Live Art Speed Date. We’ve commissioned 20 artists to each create and perform a four-minute, private, intimate, \Date” for you to experience as an audience of one.  You must complete interactive challenges with other sexy audience members to validate your “Date Card” and obtain tickets for the artist dates.  It’s a wildly chaotic off road performance journey and a great place to see unusual performance and meet new people or get drunk and clumsily try to get off with someone behind the arras. Live Art Speed DateStoke Newington International AirportThursday 15Friday 16Saturday 17 December8pm£12 Tickets @STK_intWEBSITE “RESEMBLES A BUSY DAY AT THE NY STOCK EXCHANGE ONLY SEXIER” – BELLY FLOP MAGAZINE Join us as we celebrate the genius and imagination of 20 fabulous artists some you know and some you don’t. “A FREE-WHEELING WIDE RANGING BASHING DOWN OF BOUNDARIES BETWEEN FORMS AND PRACTICES A CELEBRATION OF US ALL AS BOTH ARTISTS AND AUDIENCE.” – TIM CROUCH   Arbitrary judgements fear of rejection love at first sight… welcome to the world of high-octane bespoke performance art bon-homie. Over tables through booths up ladders and all over the STK building 20 artists set up four-minute dates for an audience to explore on their individual off-road performance journey. Play Risk it for a Biscuit Tin Can Telephone or Human Pyramid with fellow audience members to win date vouchers you can exchange in the pit from the STK ring-master hosts. Teasing out the sensitivities of performer-audience relations mingling public and private behaviours in a highly socialised evening of competition collaboration commitments and culture. The result of the first ever Live Art Speed Date Residency a crucible of new and established artists academics industry professionals and the STK artists coming together to share their experiences and further the short-form performance encounter. Each of these 20 brand-new dates have been created especially for the series. LASD flyer Live Art Speed Date Stoke Newington International Airport 1-15 Leswin Place London N16 7NJ 07595397782 Thursday 15 Friday 16 Saturday 17 December 8pm £12 Tickets